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Elvive Volume Collagen Shampoo - Fine

Elvive Volume Collagen Shampoo

Discover the replumping power of Collagen for a 24 Hour Anti-Flat result

Texturising Shampoo

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  • Product Benefits
  • Is you hair lacking volume and body? L’Oréal Paris introduces ELVIVE Volume Collagen Texturising Shampoo, the latest solution to transform flat hair. Using the replumping power of Collagen, the formula texturises and supports the hair for a 24 Hour 'ANTI-FLAT'* result.

    Now more affordable than ever at the new price of $5.95 at Woolworths and Priceline.

  • Innovations & Ingredients
  • ELVIVE Volume Collagen uses the replumping power of Collagen to transform fine, flat hair.
    Collagen, well known in skincare for its powerful firming and densifying properties is being used in haircare for the first time*.
    Using Collagen, The L’Oréal laboratories have created a weightless, silicone-free formula to give your hair amplified, long-lasting volume .
    *By L’Oréal Paris.



Elvive Volume Collagen Conditioner
Texturising Conditioner