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Infallible Nail Polish - Nail Polish

Infallible Nail Polish

Our first nail polish to challenge a UV manicure

Stay Nue 001

Gris Eternal 002

Timeless Taupe 003

Irresistable Bonbon 005

Double Entendre 006

Ocean Infini 007

Keep Magenta 010

Til Rouge Do Us Part 011

Forever Mink 012

Boundless Burgundy 016

Fuschia for Life 020

Always a Lady 021

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  • Product Benefits
  • The first long-lasting, 2 step nail polish from L'Oréal Paris that lasts up to 12 days. Gives a high shine, inspired by a salon gel manicure.
    Up to 12-day wear.
    Spectacular gel shine.
    Matching tinted top coat.
    No nail damage.
    Easy to remove.

  • Innovations & Ingredients
  • Exclusive technology: hybrid combo of silicone & Flex-Resin™ that interact with one another to create a unique matrix. The formulas are a combination of film forming polymer, gellifying agents and crystal copolymer designed to bring durability, adhesion to nail and brilliant shine. Provides a smooth, plump, spectacular gel shine manicure that lasts.



Infallible Foundation
Radiant Honey 230
Infallible Powder
Warm Vanilla 123

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