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Age Perfect intense Nutrition Serum - Age Perfect

Age Perfect intense Nutrition Serum

Rehydrates, anti-sagging, fades age spots.


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  • Product Benefits
  • Silky Texture, satin soft touch. Concentrated in nourishing ingredients: Golden Honey and extract of Acacia, a source of vitamins, sugars and minerals.

  • Innovations & Ingredients
  • - RESTORING ACTION: Enriched with Pro-Calcium, the intense Nutrition Serum helps restore skin with moisture and reinforces the skin’s barrier function.
    - HYDRATING ACTION: Enriched with a lipid replenishing ingredient, the serum intensely nourishes the skin with moisture to help protect it from feeling dry.
    - TONING ACTION: Enriched with Peptides, the formula stimulates collagen: +38% more substance*, skin feels more dense and resilient.
    RESULTS: skin feels silky-smoooth, hydrated with moisture and looks radiant.