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Cell Renew Eye Cream - Age Perfect

Cell Renew Eye Cream

Target dark circles for smoother, fresher looking skin.

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  • Imagine a new lease of life for your skin. Over time, cellular renewal slows down and it takes longer for newer cells to appear. The skin around the eye loses its vitality and radiance, which makes you look older than you actually feel. The L'Oreal Paris expertise: Enriched with procysteine, bright eyes 360 degrees has been specially formulated to help stimulate surface skin cell renewal. The caffeine-infused formula helps visibly diminish the appearance of dark circles. The applicator enables an immediate cooling 360 degrees massage around the eye. Visible results: with a 360 degrees application, it acts to give a luminous looking eye contour for a fresher look. From the first day, lines look smoother. Day after day, dark circles appear reduced; eyes look awakened and appear brighter.