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Revitalift Foam Cleanser - Revitalift

Revitalift Foam Cleanser

Leaves skin feeling revitalised

Revitalift Foam Cleanser

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  • Product Benefits
  • With age, skin regeneration can slow down by up to 50%, leading to visible signs of ageing: wrinkles, loss of firmness and a dull complexion. Now you can cleanse and revitalise your skin to help combat these signs of ageing.
    The L’Oréal Laboratories have created New Revitalift Foam Wash to instantly remove make-up, eliminate impurities and cleanse your skin.
    - Immediately, your skin is clean and purified. Skin texture is refined and your skin feels refreshed.
    - After 4 weeks, skin texture is smoother and appears renewed. Skin quality is improved and your skin looks radiant.



Revitalift Face contours and Neck
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